The Shoe of all Shoes (Scholarship Essay)

     Over the years mankind has exhausted their energies and blown a few gaskets while attempting to create the perfect shoe. Tears have been shed, blood has been lost and a limb or two might have been compromised. Designing the most comfortable, roomy, perfectly fitting and appealing shoe is a tedious job, requiring long hours and indifference to public criticism. However, when successful shoes are produced, the citizens of the world rejoice and flock to their computers to order these sold-out kicks. Of course shoemakers keep some pairs of divine shoes a secret, passing them off as an ‘average’ design while they wait for the truly dedicated footwear enthusiasts to discover their hidden beauties. I am here to proudly announce to you that I, Tayler Gowan, have found THE Shoe of all shoes.
          By happenstance, I had left my hometown of Danville, Indiana to visit Annapolis, Maryland – if this wasn’t divine intervention, then there is no hope for any of us – completely unaware and unsuspecting of the miracle that would occur. While perusing through shops near the inner harbor, I nearly dropped dead from surprise and shock at the sight of a pair of rain boots. No, these were not just ANY old rain boots; these flower-printed rubber boots emitted a seraphic glow that blinded me. Falling on my knees, I scooped the shoes lovingly into my arms and whispered, “Mommy is here, don’t worry.” I’m certain there were fireworks exploding in the sky behind us and a chorus of jealous sighs coming from other shoppers. How rarely one found their sole mates!
          The day only improved from that point. Disgustedly, I removed my average tennis shoes and gingerly replaced them with my wonderful gifts from God. Ooooh, the feeling of warmth, security, and spaciousness relaxed every bone in my body. After half an hour of reveling with my sole mates, the sales lady asked me to either leave or purchase the boots; she was furiously jealous, I know it. I assured her as she took my money that she had her special pair out there somewhere, waiting for her to find them. She basically shoved me out the door after that, surely because she didn’t want to cry in front of a customer. As soon as I stepped back out onto the harbor, every head snapped up to catch a glimpse of my kicks. I will admit, I had to give a few footprints and signatures on my way back to the hotel, but I didn’t mind.
           Returning to Indiana with my newfound lovers created quite a raucous in the small town of Danville. Never before had I been so loved and hated for the shoes I wore on my feet. After several attempted break-ins at my house, I was forced to lock away my boots in an air-locked vault every evening. It was indeed a sad thing to do, considering how much they hated to be apart from me. Nevertheless, the quality of life drastically improved after God sent me to find my sole mates.
          Sadly, it is a fact of nature that shoes cannot be eternal. After about three months of wearing my babies everywhere – school, church, walks, shopping, work (Dairy Queen) – my sole mates began to deteriorate. I’m able to talk about them now without breaking down, but for a few years I couldn’t even wear shoes because I didn’t want to betray my rain boots. I’ve since learned that life goes on. I believe my sole mates would have wanted me to be happy and keep on walking.


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